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    C20Let or C20XE Parts

    I am about to embark on this new car build... before I start ordering parts from OS I just want to check if anyone has anything laying about for C20XE specifically or anything that would fit.

    I do need 2 specific parts:

    C20XE Alloy Sump. If it has a crack or issue with sump plug I would still take it.

    Late C20LET / C20XE Cam Angle Sensor with the Housing and Finger
    The sensor itself is easy to get I actually need the finger and Housing.


    Any help on this would be great... I am fining these bit are getting difficult to source down under.
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    I have some ARP bolt kits brand new never use if your interested, I bought the wrong ones and could not return them as they came from the UK

    head stud kit 209-4301
    crank bolt kit 209-5401
    rod bolt kit 109-6001
    flywheel bolt kit 209-2801

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