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    Code Errors related to ESP and car stalling

    Ok so about a month ago I replaced the ECU with a secondhand one due to the one in it dying and causing the car to stall and was getting Errors P0606 and P1600. The front Right ABS sensor plays up occasionally due to the sensor probibly being cactus.

    Ok so that is the recent history of what I have done to the car, now for the new errors. The car this morning repeated what it has done in the past and turned off while driving, but when I connected my OPCOM to the car I got a completely different set of codes to what I have got in the past. The codes that I have gotten are 3 errors under the ESP section using my OPCOM, they are U2103, C0040 and U2105. I also have one under the Engine witch is P0500. What I am wondering is if these new errors are repated to me replacing to ECU.

    After doing googling on the errors and so forth it seems like it could be many things, I was wonder if it could be to do with the dodgy wheel sensor, the ABS system on its last legs or the ecu I replaced mine with is cactus as well. Or all of the above. And should I clear the errors and check ever phew days to see if they come back.

    Pictures of the Errors on the opcom for those who wish to see them.



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    Replace that hub and go from there.
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