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    I'm new here, please be nice
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    Guess I better do one...

    Hey everyone, Im from Brissy and I am the very lucky owner of this here beast.
    It is a 2003 Holden Astra Equipe 1.8L Z18XE with ABS.
    I have done a phew things to it, I have plasti dupped the bonnet (to cover the nasty paint fade)
    Today I scored a SRI steering wheel that was in really really good nick form the wreckers and installed it.
    Got another OH SHIT handle for the drivers side and a AC condensor which it was missing when we got it.
    It also has its nasty costly side (what astra doesn't):
    The alternater was dodgy, starter motor died, it randomly stops and wont stop while driving (ecu is on last legs) and the Front Right wheel hub sensor for the ABS/Trac Control is cactus. Found those out after I bought a OpCom and ran it. Other than those phew things it has been awsome to drive around and thrash. (Im only 16 and its my first car and it was free from a guy at my dads work). It has been a joy reading through the threads on here and I hope to be around for a while.

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    Welcome! I’m in Brisbane too. I have the z18xe in a barina so I feel your pain on the ecu!

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