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    2013 Opel OPC astra service schedule

    I live in Brisbane and my closest Holden dealer ship has sent me a reminder that my Astra is due for its scheduled service.
    Although my 2013 OPC Astra has just reached 18,000km, Holden has told me that the 90,000km service is due.
    The cost is $1152 which includes tyre rotation.

    I've caught the dealership out a number of times telling me that my car was due for a service.
    They tried and get me to take my car in every 6 months telling me it was due for a "Scheduled" servicing.
    I was averaging 3,000km a year.

    So two questions.
    1. Is the 90,000 due because of the age of the car, or is it a money making exercise for them ?
    2. Who else in Brisbane is competent to do the 90,000km servicing other than Zupps Holden so I can at least get a quote ?

    Thanks in Advance


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    You are correct! Servicing schedule is triggered by k/ms or age, whichever occurs first. I think it’s a crock myself but that’s the way it works.
    Brake fluid is about the only thing that is affected by age directly.
    I do all my own work so not sure on someone else to service.

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    Don't have the OPC but scheduled service on the 1.6t Astra is once a year if you stay under a certain ks. Also I stay way under and just have a once a year service done at our local Holden dealer. The 90k is based on average ks and the age of the car indeed instead of your actual ks driven. $ 1152 seems a bit steep to me for a 6 monthly service.
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