Hi all, first time poster (and Astra owner) here looking for some guidance on K&N air boxes.

I have recently been gifted a 2008 AH SRi (naturally aspirated) and am hoping to do some minor mods to it. First up, I'm looking to change out the air box to a K&N something-or-other, but am getting too much conflicting info on what actual parts the car will accept.

On the K&N page, if I select 2008 AH Astra as the model, I really only get the replacement panel filter. If I change it to 2008 Opel Astra H I get a number of different options including the aftermarket air box and filter.

In a long winded way my question is.....am I safe in ordering the Opel Astra H parts for my Holden Astra?

Alternatively, of anyone can suggest any other air box upgrades that will suit I'd be happy to look at them 😊
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