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    M32 Gearbox Woes - NSW Transmission Repairer? HELPPPPPP

    Hey guys,

    Basically i randomly lost 5th/6th gear in my little Astra, there is a whine in the box too even with the clutch engaged so all the tell tale signs of the dreaded M32 gearbox failure. I can't for the life of me find a decent replacement box so looking for someone who can rebuild it for me. Thinking this is the best place to asK!

    In my little coastal town of Port Macquarie there isn't a single Manual Transmission repairer and the one recommended to me in Newcastle states that he probably can't get the parts for my gearbox. If i have to source the rebuild kit he probably can't source the gears if the teeth are stuffed!

    I've found a rebuild kit on for my box with a suitable flywheel and clutch cheaper than holden would even supply the flywheel!
    Problem is i really have no knowledge regarding gearboxes, but assume i've damaged my 5/6th gear or synchros.

    Penny for your thoughts? I understand they won't know the extent until the open it but no point me sending it to someone who can identify it but not source the parts.

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    Hi Tristan,
    Sorry to hear. I got mine rebuilt 4+ years ago. I am in Canberra. I called around and found someone who knew what to do. The M32 is used on a few other cars and the design is similar to other boxes so someone should know how to do it. Just call around until you find someone.

    I got the bearings kit, from the UK, and then got the shop to open it all up. Once they opened it, they found a few other components that needed changing as well. I then ordered those, from the UK, in a second order. The car was in the workshop for about 2-2.5 weeks in total. I got the gearbox mount insert, short shifter, LSD and Courtenay breather kit installed at the same time. The clutch was changed as well. As they had to take everything apart anyways they didn't charge me any extra for all this.

    I bought all the gearbox parts from I called them and got them to remove the VAT. They were good to deal with and the shipping was fast.

    The kits available now include uprated bearings and updated end case which are a change from what was used on the earlier cars.

    Get a good fully synthetic oil put in and change it regularly as the heat is one thing that kills these boxes. With the updated end case you should be able to use 3L of oil in the gearbox.

    I hope this makes some sense.
    Take care,

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