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    I hit a massive drain hole that is very difficult to see under normal conditions

    So I hit a drain hole that has dinged my sump.

    Is there any recourse through the Council?

    Should I take pictures of the pothole and write to ??????? asking them to pay?

    (the original post had pothole, but this is a man made drain with a huge (30cm) drop on all sides into it.

    I will take pictures and post on here
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    worth a shot.

    I've tried several times over the years with no response of being told sorry and no financial rewards.
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    Yeah as Guy said, worth a shot. If it were our council, they'd say I drove without care, could have avoided a pothole, pothole is beyond their control and due to weather conditions blah blah blah. You can better trip over tree roots (or slip on a grape in the supermarket) than to genuinely hit a pothole and have damage.
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    Depends what it is you "hit"?

    If it's a pothole, then generally no you won't get anything back from council. However now that they've been notified of the hole, they are obliged to make-it-safe until repaired.

    If it was an open drain/channel on the side of the road, then probably nope again. Will depend on whether there is a grate missing, or kerb, or guideposts, or something to warn you. But most likely it's just a drain, and you probably shouldn't be driving into it!

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