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Well, sorry to be a smart arse chaps but in July I went back home to the UK and was considering a Insignia 2.0 petrol version upon my return. I was in Poland and test drove the car and thought that I am 90% sure that I will go back to Sydney and buy one. When I returned in the beginning of Sept that was the first I heard that Opel had pulled out of Aus and saw that a Sydney dealer was offering the OPC Insignia for 46K with 250kms on the clock. Sorry boys, but a car that was worth 60K two weeks previously now had a 14K price cut I was up it like a rat up a drainpipe. Just a little peeved that they never brought the manual down here!!
Well done mate, You've just voiced the feeling that every Official Opel buyer in Aus feels. Depreciation isn't everything to a lot of owners. Please, continue to shit on everyone.