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    OpelAus Forum Rules ** Please Read **

    By maintaining an account and posting on the OpelAus Forums, you hereby agree to abide by these rules at all times.

    Breaching these rules can result in thread or post deletion, or any other action we deem appropriate. Continued breaches can result in your account being restricted either on a temporary (Penalty Box) or permanent (Banned) basis.

    What are the Rules?
    • No abuse, insults or personal attacks
    • No foul language
    • No trolling
    • No inappropriate or illegal material (e.g. links to torrent sites, drag/underground racing/breaking speed limits)
    • No unauthorised commercial advertising
    • For Sale Rules must be adhered to (see below)
    • No forum spamming
    • No defamatory comments or slander
    • No complaints about moderation
    • No useless posts/posting sprees
    • No second accounts

    What do the Rules apply to?

    The rules apply to all of the following:
    • Post contents
    • Quoted post contents
    • Thread titles
    • Usernames
    • For Sale Section
    • Avatar and signature images
    • Content on user profile pages (e.g. About Me or Contact Info)
    • Any other text field you can enter text into

    For Sale Section Rules

    Rules for the For Sale Section

    Well since the forms are so hit and miss I'm going to make it very very simple.

    Post your For Sale thread using the template below.

    New threads will be moderated, so they will not appear immediately.

    This in most cases will be done within 24hours of the post.

    Please do not email/PM the Admin Team asking why it hasn't been done yet, this will only delay the process.

    Once approved the thread will appear as normal, in which you can edit/reply etc.

    If you are wishing to advertise for a business or commercially please contact myself first before doing so.

    Any posting without doing so will result in immediate deletion of the posts.

    Minimum of 100 posts and 6 months membership required!

    Please include a basic description of what you are selling in the title.




    Reason for selling


    Payment conditions and options

    Postage options

    Contact details

    Registration number


    Engine number

    Description/more information
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    Bumping this one for those unaware
    Sure, we dont have to worry about viking raids or scurvy anymore, but instead we make a daily routine of sitting in flimsy, fibreglass (or metal) boxes full of gasoline which are propelled in opposing directions on the freeway at velocities matching that of low flying aircraft.

    This is a roundabout way of saying that cars are dangerous....

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