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    Exclamation Important notice regarding defamatory statements and comments

    Hi all,

    There has recently been a few incidents that have had the potential to land myself and Poita in hot water legally.

    The main incident is about defamatory statements and comments.

    The posting of statements or comments directed at others that are either intended to cause damage to their reputation or business with or without malice is NOT PERMITTED on OpelAus under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES at ANY TIME.

    I will take a very dim view to any person, group, organisation or other entity who proceeds to post such statements or comments on OpelAus. Such persons, groups, organisations or other entities that are found to be posting such statements or comments on OpelAus will be BANNED IMMEDATELY without prejudice or explanation and no further communication will be entered into on the subject. THERE WILL BE NO WARNINGS.

    I also point out, that in the event that we are ordered via a legal instrument (e.g. a court order) to release information regarding the culprits involved, there will be no hesitation in doing so. ALL users post at their own risks.

    In short: Don't post defamatory statements or comments about others. Even if you believe they are true or you have 'proof' that they are true. Doing so will result in a permanent ban and the possible personal exposure of yourself to an unknown amount of legal liability.

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