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  • Shell

    6 4.92%
  • Castrol

    41 33.61%
  • Nulon

    14 11.48%
  • Mobil

    19 15.57%
  • Penrite

    19 15.57%
  • Home Brand

    0 0%
  • Car manufacturer specific Oil

    4 3.28%
  • Other

    19 15.57%
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    Engine: October 2003 Z18XE Auto (97,800km)

    Current oil: Nulon Full Synthetic 10w40

    Previous oil: Whatever crap Holden used in their $99 service. Presumably some cheap mineral 15w40. After 9,000kms, literally black. Filter was packed with crap.

    Feeling: Can't feel or hear the engine running from inside the car when stopped at the lights. Before oil change it made a few concerning noises that I thought were timing belt related and sounded like a sick tractor. Engine now revs more freely, idles silently and without any vibration. Fuel economy has improved 0.2l/hr when idling.

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    Engine: Z14XE
    Current Oil: Penrite 10W40
    Previous: Magnatec 10W30

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    Engine: z18xe

    Current oil: Nulon 10w 40 full synthetic

    Previous oil: Shell helix hx7 semi synthetic

    Feeling : I haven't found much of a difference other than seems abit smoother since using Nulon. I change oil and oil filter (Ryco HE) every 5-6000km

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    Bit of an update.

    So I switched from the Penrite HPR-10 (10w-50 full synthetic) I was using to Penrite Racing10 (10w-40 full sythentic street/track oil) and I honestly noticed no difference...

    Mind you the Racing10 was about $86 for a 5L bottle, yikes.

    I keep reading all over the world that most people in the UK and Holden here in Aus run a semi-synthetic by choice.

    Welp some Castrol Magnatec 10w-40 semi-snyth came on special for $18 a bottle which is amazingly cheap, it is normally around $46.00 (one of the most expensive semi's second only to what I get at Crazy Horse every other Saturday night).

    Long story short my car was due for a service and it's now running $18 Castrol Magnatec 10w-40 semi-synthetic and is actually running quieter on idle than it was previously...

    I will check in and let you guys know how it looks when I drop it out in 5000klms.
    2004 Arden Blue TS Astri SRi Turbo

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