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Thread: iPod & Astra

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    Remember that the later model Astras have a MP3 compatible headunit.

    A vastly cheaper option would be to make up compilation MP3 discs and use them in the headunit. 3 or 4 CDs kept in your car would give you alot of hours of music. Seems a bit silly to spend $100s just to connect a cheap MP3 player to your cars head unit.

    The best option would be a USB connector. Load music onto a cheap USB key and have the head unit read from that. You don't have to lug an expensive ipod etc around.

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    i normally have my ipod with me anyway, and if i got a 160gb ipod for $450 or whatever they are, i could have nearly all my music in the car with me always.

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    Ever solve this? Blaupunkt 6CD stacker Astra AH CDXi

    Hi Tigra, Its been a while but did you ever solve this issue? I have the Blaupunkt 6CD changer system in my 2005 AH Astra CDXi. It's a is lovingly tended
    car but I would love some kind of Aux input. Cheers

    Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Tigra Click here to enlarge
    From the website:

    "The interface is suited for Apple iPod and iPod Mini and can be connected
    with all Blaupunkt car radios and navigation systems with CD changer
    control (DMS) manufactured from 2001 onwards."

    You would assume that this means ALL radios manufactured by them. Keep you guys posted on the email reply.

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