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26th November 2009, 12:03 PM
I have a small dilemma people. I'm going to buy a new TV this weekend and when I do, I can claim one of three bonus gifts from Panasonic.

Lumix Camera, DVD Recorder or Blu Ray home theatre system.

I have a digital camera so scratch that gift out of the choices. Now, I'd like a general consensus from people about which of the other two bonus items they would chose.

DVD Recorder;


I can record anything at anytime and with twin HD tuners I can watch and record two different channels.
I get rid of the rickety old DVD/VCR player/recorder with mono sound.
I don't think I'll be using the recording function every day
I'll have to wait for another day to buy home theatre
Blu-ray Home theatre system;


I get the latest blu-ray technology to suit my Full HD TV.
I get decent sound when watching films and TV in surround sound
I can't record any shows I might miss
I live in a loft style apartment with 5m ceilings and open plan living. Optimum sound from the home theatre won't be achieved.
Please feel free to offer your thoughts and/or experiences with this stuff, it would be greatly appreciated.


26th November 2009, 12:05 PM
Blue-ray theatre system for sure !

I wouldnt even think about it, imo.

26th November 2009, 12:20 PM
If you can't play the system loud, i'd go for the recorder and get rid of the vcr.

26th November 2009, 12:30 PM

i have the panasonic dvd recorder, with the twin hd tuners and the 500gb hdd. to be honest, i hardly use it.

so i'd go with the blu-ray setup

26th November 2009, 12:33 PM
blue-ray theatre system for sure !

I wouldnt even think about it, imo.

26th November 2009, 12:33 PM
Another vote for the Blue Ray home theatre.

I know what you mean about the room not being good for "home theatre" but unless you do a proper set up and spend thousands of dollars, these all in one out of the box units will sound pretty much the same wherever you use them - and will be a LOT better than just using TV speakers.

26th November 2009, 12:36 PM
Depends what you're after:

If you watch movies at home lots, get the blu ray. The home theatre is good, but you can get a home theatre set up fairly cheap that will do fine where you are.

If you like watching TV, or have others in your house who like watching stuff, the HDD recorder is great. We have one (SD with twin tuners), and have it permanently set up to record the programs we like to watch, so even if we're out, we haven't had to remember to set the recorder, and chuck in a tape, if that's what you do with the VCR now. Twin tuners means you don't have to miss something, just because it's on when something else is.

We've had home theatre for years in DVD/amp all in one unit, and I do like to turn it on and up, but for general watching, the TV is enough. We don't rent or own that many movies, so it doesn't get much use.

Your choice, just think about what you do most.

26th November 2009, 01:49 PM
blue-ray theatre system for sure !

I wouldnt even think about it, imo.
+1 you'll love it :)

26th November 2009, 02:37 PM
take the camera..

just being different :p

seriously, take the home theatre.. too inconvenient using dvd's, might as well get a set top box that records on to the hdd..

26th November 2009, 02:40 PM
thanks guys I like your thinking.

If there's still any blu-ray home theatres left I'll be sure to get one! Down to 600 left now.

Since starting this thread, I've found a new idea for recording TV shows. I could use a DVB USB stick (?) into my PC or Laptop and set that up to record shows when I'm out and about.

26th November 2009, 02:51 PM
Blu ray definitly...Hi def-initly actually.. :)

26th November 2009, 02:53 PM
Blu ray definitly...Hi def-initly actually.. :)

champagne comedy dahling, reeeeeeeeeeealy :p :D

26th November 2009, 06:08 PM
less than 400 remaining....dammit i hope there'll be some left!

I'm tied up the next few nights and can't get to the store till Saturday morning.

Pray to the n00b Gods there'll be some remaining!

26th November 2009, 06:27 PM
I went the BluRay Theatre. You can plug in your iPod to hear music and watch video.
Features & Benefits

VIErA Cast

VIErA CAST™ lets you enjoy Internet contents on your VIErA TV. With VIErA CAST™ technology, you can enjoy online content such as videos and photos through an easy-to-use web interface that's built into the Home Theatre. The new Panasonic VIErA CAST allows you to access popular sites YouTube and Picasa utilising your Blu-ray Home Theatre System
BD-Live (http://www.blu-raydisc.com/bluray_site.htm)BD-Live* lets users access the Internet to download data such as images and subtitles, and join in quizzes and multi-player interactive games that are linked to bonus movie content contained on Blu-ray DiscsTM. BD-Live also supports BONUSVIEW.
*BD-ROM Profile 2

(Pixel Precision Progressive Processing for HD)
To get the best HD images from a BD-Video disc, you need a player that renders high-quality progressive images, expresses motion smoothly, and draws sharp diagonal lines. P4HD processes more than 15 billion pixels per second and applies the optimum processing to every pixel in the video data on the disc. The result is images with exceptional resolution. This is Blu-Ray, this is high definition.
Precise Pixel Generation

BD-Video supports a number of formats. For example, highest-quality format 1920 x 1080 pixels, 1080P can be recorded at any of four different frame rates - 59.94i, 50i, 23.976p and 24p - and the compression format can be MPEG2, MPEG4 AVC or VC-1. The BD-Home Theatre must detect these instantly and perform progressive conversion where necessary.
Both for the de-interlacing and scaling, super-high-speed P4HD generates each pixel correctly according to information obtained from up to 60 surrounding pixels. Applying progressive processing to huge amounts of data, it delivers images of striking beauty.
148.5MHz/12bit Video D/A Converter

SC-BT200 incorporates a 148.5MHz, 12bit Video D/A Converter from Analog Devices Co. Ltd. that provides high-quality 4x oversampling for 1080i/720p output. NSV (noise shaping video) processing shifts the noise component to an unused band to further boost the signal-to-noise ratio. And finally, we added extremely fine 12bit signal processing that renders ultra-fine images with smooth gradation. Thanks to technologies like these, the SC-BT207 can theoretically reproduce up to nearly 4400 billion colours.
SD Card Slot with AVCHD Support for Photo & Video Viewing

You can view your photos and video images on your television from SD Card. AVCHD Playback means your SD Card High Definition Camcorder SD card can be quickly and easily viewed on your TV from your SC-BT200 Blu-ray Home Theatre
192kHz/24bit Audio D/A Converter for All Channels

The SC-BT207 uses a 192kHz/24bit D/A converter for each of the eight channels to achieve truly superb surround sound. The D/A converter uses Advanced Segment D-A processing, which applies multi-bit processing to establish the audio reference and 1bit processing to render the delicate nuances. These combine to create a remarkably beautiful sound that has both power and purity.
Bamboo Diaphragm Speaker

Use of rigid, low-density bamboo in the woofer and tweeter cones of the center and front speakers helps achieve a highly responsive sound.
Auto Spreaker Set Up

Optimum Speaker setting is easily achieved without any cumbersome setting procedures.
*Non HDMI cables cannot be utilised. Panasonic HDMI cables are highly recommended

http://panasonic.com.au/images/px_trans.gifHigh Total Power Output - 1000W (RMS) for Outstanding Audio Performance

Strong and powerful sound reproduction through 1000W(RMS) Total Power Output. The SC-BT200 provides outstanding audio performance and an experience to match Panasonic Viera Plasma Televisions.
Viera Link Technology for One-Touch Play Link LogoWith a single cable, HDMI enables transmission of not only A/V signals but also control signals. All you have to do to enjoy a new level of operation convenience is hook up to a new VIErA Plasma television. When you want home theater entertainment, for example, just press a button on the remote. Power to all the components switches on, TV input and other settings are automatically adjusted, and the show's ready to begin. It's that easy.
2 x Digital Audio Input (Optical)

The SC-BT200 features a Digital Audio Input Optical terminal for connection to other compatable devices for digital sound. You can connect a Viera TV, Set-Top-Box or other compatable device for clear digital sound through the DVD Home Theatre System.
Integrated Universal Dock for your iPod™. *

Enjoy your iPod™ Music & Video via the intergrated iPod™ Docking Terminal to allow playback of your favourite tracks stored on your iPod™. With the On-Screen Display for iPod™ you can view your Music menu. As well as playing the iPod™ Dock Terminal will also recharge your iPod™.
5.1 Channel Output with Digital Amplification Technology

Complete surround sound experience is available through 5 speakers and separate subwoofer. Digital amplification technology provides a responsive and crisp audio performance for BD, DVD & CD.
Incredible Audio Performance and Slick Styling

The amazing audio performance of this unit is matched by the stylish looks to accompany Viera Plasma televisions. The Subwoofer & Speakers not only look good - but also produce incredible sound. The slimline centre unit has a modern and distinctive design.
Built-in Decoders for the Ulitmate Home Theatre Experience

THe SC-BT200 incorperates Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD & DTS-HD & DTS-HD Master Audio decoders. The SC-BT200 is the ideal choice for lossless audio home theatre system. Dolby and DTS Deocders in the unit provide surround sound output when playing back compatable media.
The -built-in decoders ensure that a complete home cinema experience is possible!
Kelton Subwoofer

Thanks to a Kelton subwoofer, the SC-BT200 outputs deep, thunderous bass sounds that make viewing a truly awesome entertainment experience. The Kelton subwoofer has two internal chambers. A drive unit mounted in the rear chamber vibrates the front chamber, causing a large, 25cm Passive Radiator in the front chamber to vibrate and produce bass sounds. Because the front chamber functions as an acoustic filter, there is minimal unwanted noise. The thinness and high compliance of the passive radiator help achieve an extremely clean, powerful and responsive bass sound.
Rear Wireless Speaker Ready - With the Purchase of the SH-FX70

You can upgrade with the purchase of the SH-FX70 to a wireless home theatre system (eliminating wires running from the centre unit to the rear speakers). The SH-FX70 is available individually to provide the convenience of Radio Frequency wireless transmission from the cantre unit to the rear speakers.
Bamboo Diaphragm Speaker

Use of rigid, low-density bamboo in the woofer and tweeter cones of the center and front speakers helps achieve a highly responsive sound.
Magnetic Shielding in Speakers for Home Theatre Use

This feature minimises the interference of the speakers with other Home Theatre electrical equipment, making set-up much easier. Reducing limitations on the placement of speakers for your home theatre system.

27th November 2009, 08:43 AM
68 Home theatres left...better hurry

27th November 2009, 10:23 AM
I ordered the DVD HD recorder.

I wanted it anyway.

For 1080P, I'll prob get a PS3.

As for surround sound, I already have a sound sound receiver.

Personally I would get much more use out of the DVD HD recorder than Blu-Ray.

FYI, Panasonic are really slow in dispatching, I sent in my receipt 3 weeks ago and still nothing.

27th November 2009, 01:24 PM

Bugger. DVD recorder it is. Still :D though.

27th November 2009, 01:27 PM
I ordered the DVD HD recorder.

FYI, Panasonic are really slow in dispatching, I sent in my receipt 3 weeks ago and still nothing.

From the Terms and Conditions;

The Promoter shall use all reasonable efforts to ensure that all approved claims will be fulfilled by registered post within eight (8) weeks from the time the redemption is received, along with the original purchase receipt. The Promoter accepts no responsibility should the delivery take longer than eight (8) weeks for reasons beyond its reasonable control.

Did you have to claim online, get a confirmation email then post that confirmation email quoting a reference number to Panasonic and play the waiting game?

That's how I interpreted the below Terms and Conditions anyway.

To claim, individuals must register their purchase online by visiting www.panasonic.com.au/bonushd (http://www.panasonic.com.au/bonushd), following the prompts to the competition claim form, inputting the requested details including their full name, postal address, valid email address, serial number and model number from their product purchased, store of purchase, date of purchase, credit card details for the payment of $17.50 for postage and fulfilment and nominate which gift they would like to receive (gifts specified in clause 8) and submitting the fully completed online form. Payment of $17.50 for postage and fulfilment can only be made via credit card and payment will be processed at the time the claim is submitted online.

Claimants will then receive an email from the Promoter confirming that their claim form has been submitted and will include a unique claim number for future tracking of the claim (“Confirmation Email”).

Claimants must then print off their online claim form, make record of their unique claim number, and mail both the online claim form and their original purchase receipt to ‘Panasonic VIErA Bonus Offer’ PO Box 566, Eastern Suburbs MC, NSW 2004. All mail must be posted within 21 days of the purchase date found on the purchase receipt in order to claim a gift. Final Claims close last mail on 14/01/10.

27th November 2009, 04:33 PM
yeah I know it's up to 8 weeks, but I can't see why they can't process it within 1 week.

It took them 2 weeks to confirm they received my receipt.

anyway 8 weeks is just slack.

I can order something from overseas and it will be at my door within a week.

Sony was much much quicker to process/ship their PS3s with their LCD promotion.

27th November 2009, 04:38 PM
Another Rant.

We purchased 2 plasmas so we ordered 1 Blu-ray (uncle) and 1 HD recorder (for me).

2 claim forms in the same envelope.

the first was processed on the 13th and the other on the 15th.

WTF. same envelope, 2 days delay on the second.

28th November 2009, 09:26 AM
Weird huh?

I did hear the same about Sony. Their turn around was only a few days!

Can't complan too much when it's free though mate! :)

10th February 2010, 08:49 PM
Received it at long last on Monday 8 Feb!

Works a treat, just one HDMI cable left and it's all done! Yew!

Now, here's another problem nothing to do with the DVD recorder though......the TV Guide on the LCD doesn't show any info for Channel 9, 90 or 99. The DVD recorder does, so it musn't be a signal issue but a TV issue agreed? I'll contact Panasonic but knowing how fantastic they are with there responses, I wondered if anyone else has the same problem?

10th February 2010, 09:01 PM
My Sony Bravia does the same , The inbuilt tv guide omits information for certain channels.
Sony told me that the information must be broadcast in a compatible format or the TV wont read it.

Dont know of yours will be the same.

10th February 2010, 09:36 PM
yeah possibly....but i swear it used to work when i first received the TV, then one day it disappeared....but that could be wishful thinking too.

Anyways, at least i'm not alone with this issue. I'll email Panasonic and see what they have to say for themselves.....


10th February 2010, 10:15 PM
i updated my samsung fromt eh net, was pretty easy.

jumped onto samsungs website, downloaded firmware update onto usb stick.

stuck into side of tv, update :)

10th February 2010, 11:16 PM
o0o0o0o0o0o now that sounds cool.

**checking panasonic website and TV**